Amy the Explorer: Looking Outside my Airbnb

First of all, let me tell you that my emotions were all over the place.  My first night there, I cried a lot.  And then I cried in the morning, when I woke up, causing me to get tears all over my grapes.  My first whole day looked a little like this:


It wasn’t a good time.  But, alas.  I decided I’d go out and explore my town a little bit, find my school, and maybe find some other cool things along the way.  There were a lot of things that really stuck out to me, mostly being that there were a lot of individually-owned stores, ranging from lingerie stores, bookstores, boulangeries, and hair stylists.  And this was just in the plaza.  Also, look at this other cool thing that was in the plaza:


It’s pretty cool.  It’s L’Hotel de Ville, and it’s a pretty dang good landmark if you’re trying to find where you’re going.  People at this point are looking at my a little funny, but whatever.  To the left of here is a cute flower shop, a tabac (which is in my understanding a 7-11 type store), and a street which takes you to my bank and a piercing/tattoo parlor (sorry mom).  To the right are a boulangerie, a hair dresser, and other tiny shops.  After this, I head to the general vicinity of my school, which means that I get to see La Marne in all of its glory:


Look at La Marne!!!  It’s so pretty!!!  I live here!!!!! Incredible.

A little afterwards, I found my school!  I didn’t take any pictures, mostly because it was fenced off and it looked like there was a security camera, so I didn’t want to look like a creep.  Pictures will be coming later, though, so don’t worry.  After beginning to walk back to the plaza, a man pulled up in a car next to me and told me that he’d seen me walk by him and his friends and that he’d like to take me for a drink some time.  I totally fucking lied and said I’d only be around for like 2 weeks and I was at an airbnb with my family.  WHY.  To be fair, he seemed like a pretty nice dude, but if I wanted to go on a date here, I would just want to make sure I was better at speaking the language, at least.  I didn’t have any friends yet at this point, but hey, at least somebody asked me out, right?

I didn’t want to go back to the airbnb quite yet, so I bought myself a baguette, a canister of instant coffee, and a book.  All in a day’s work.  A couple hours later, I called my mom.  Only a few tears were involved this time.

And so we commence Day 2, which involved me missing my train, not going to Le Louvre, and having a pretty good time with some new friends.

Even though I had tickets to Le Louvre, I missed my train to Paris because I didn’t know how to buy the tickets for the train to Paris.  I was a little bummed out, but hey, things happen!  And, maybe once it gets a little chillier and less summer-esque, it’ll be less busy next time.  My plans to meet some people from TAPIF, however, were a go!  At the Pyramids, I met Lydia and Mona, who are some super cool people!!  It was so nice to talk extensively in English again–my ears hurt a lot less that day.  We went to a cute restaurant called Chez Gladines, which I highly recommend!  The aesthetic was good, and the food was even better.

After this little escapade, they taught me all about the metro and we explored and explored and explored.  Mostly, we explored different patisseries, but that’s one of the best kinds of exploring.  After a nice long day, we decided to separate and it was my time to go back to my airbnb.  Upon returning, I flopped down on my bed and fell asleep pretty dang quickly.  This day ended with no tears.  It was a good one.



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